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Dress like a local in these 3 fashion-forward cities

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Do you ever panic when you are packing to go on a trip because you feel like you have nothing cute to wear? For me, I sometimes get frustrated when I look at my wardrobe and feel like I won't fit in with the locals of the city that I am traveling to.

When I studied abroad in London, I quickly learned that I needed a wardrobe upgrade; some of the clothes I had (i.e. a big, puffy North Face jacket) did not bode well with my neighbors in Camden Town, notorious for wearing leather jackets and studded belts.

Although my neighborhood in London may have been an exception (it's also considered to be the birth of the British punk scene), I knew I had to get some basics that I could wear around the city over the next four months.

In a city as fashionable as London, it wasn't too difficult to pick up on the local trends. Street fashion is everything there, and I quickly noticed that closet staples for a Londoner included a sturdy leather jacket, tortoise shell earrings and feminine outfits topped off with white leather sneakers. I loved watching people mix and match edgy and soft pieces in their everyday looks.

Below, I have put together three fashion mood boards for three of the most fashionable cities I have visited. I hope these will help you the next time you are laying on your bedroom floor, staring at the ceiling and regretting not going shopping before your next big adventure.

In London, I saw tons of cheetah midi skirts, tortoise shell accessories and classic, fashionable white sneakers everywhere, from the tube to the notoriously swanky Bond Street. What I love about this outfit in particular is that it transitions seamlessly from day to night with a bold red lip. You can find a killer cheetah skirt like this from retailers such as Topshop and ASOS in the UK. I happened to find mine on sale at Lord & Taylor back home!

Ah, Paris. To many, it's considered the true fashion capital of the world. Parisians are known for their chic style, which often consists of feminine pieces, natural-looking makeup and killer accessories. I put together this look because to me, it has an effortless vibe yet still makes you come across as looking very put together; Parisians are known for mastering this dichotomy quite well! Whether it's the slouchy & sophisticated black turtleneck dress, the dainty gold necklaces or the stunning cat eye shades, I would give an arm and a leg to have this outfit in my wardrobe! You will most likely find an outfit similar to this at a European store, such as Zara. If you are willing to invest in some staple necklaces like the ones you see above, I've been obsessed with Daisy (even though I'm still mustering up the courage to buy a necklace myself)!

Does New York City ever disappoint when it comes to fashion? With this denim boiler suit, you'll have even New Yorkers turning heads. I paired this look with the incredibly trendy shoes from Fila, a bag by my fave Marc Jacobs and clear lipgloss from the "it" beauty brand right now, Glossier. Because there are already a lot of bold elements to this look, keep the hair low-key with a simple, sleek low bun.

Now, it's time for me to go shopping! The great thing about each of these looks is that whether you are rocking the boiler suit or leather jacket, these items can quickly become staples in your closet—and most importantly, not just limited to your next trip to London, Paris or NYC.

Let me know which of these looks are your favorite. I'd also love to see you share any of your favorite travel outfits that you've rocked over the years!


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