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The Porch Project

The Porch Project was a project I started with my best friend, Megan Hill. This podcast ran from the fall of 2017 to the winter of 2019. Through this online blog and podcast, we created a digital community where young adults could feel comfortable discussing important social topics, from mental health to the #metoo movement. We also discussed our daily lives as college students and young journalists at Mizzou. 

Here is the description found on our website: 

Our metaphorical front porch is a place of casual conversation, reflection, relaxation & good vibes. We want to create a comforting environment in our podcasts and posts to allow you to partake in deep conversation, as well as share light-hearted stories with y'all about our daily lives. So, stop by our porch anytime, and feel free to drop us a message if you would like to kick back with us and share your thoughts. 


Feel free to click on the link to the right, which will take you directly to The Porch Project website. 

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