Social Videos

These are two social media-style videos, inspired by NowThis videos. The purpose of these videos is to entice the viewer to want to know more about my story/multimedia package after seeing a short video like this pop up in their social media channels (whether that be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). 

The first video promotes my feature story on Native American Identity and the second promotes a multimedia story about Minority Business Enterprises in the state of Missouri. 

Main Videos

These are examples of the types of stories I covered in my college town of Columbia, Missouri. The Peggy Jean's Pies video is one of the first I made at Mizzou and the Native American story is one of the last stories I covered (in collaboration with another classmate). 

CNN Vignettes

When I interned for the Special Projects team at CNN International, I was fortunate enough to help on a wide range of tasks. In addition to working on a number of CNN International television shows, I also had the opportunity to work with several other departments, such as CNN Travel. You can view a sample of my work with CNN Travel in the "60-Second Vacation" video. 


Another one of my favorite tasks from my internship was being able to create "fact file" vignettes (promotional videos) that would later go on air. The videos that you see here promoted upcoming episodes of CNN International's "Inside Africa."