The Story 


The Story

This is a blog dedicated to showing you the story behind the story—anecdotes about the stories I covered that made me a stronger journalist.  

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My Day at the CIA

I was able to have the unique opportunity to serve as a production assistant to the television show "Museum Access" this summer. During this episode, I spent the day at the C.I.A. headquarters in Langley Viriginia learning about the CIA museum and its stories.  

The Students of Lincoln University

This interactive photo gallery was a calculated risk for my final team story for my intro to convergence reporting class (4804), but the hard work definitely paid off.  

Bringing Home The Bacon

This story about CAFOs took a lot of research, convincing, late nights and sacrifices of our clothes to the horrifying (and ever-lasting) smell of hog feces. Creating this team story  for my intro to convergence reporting class (4804) was an adventure to say the least.  

My OCD Story

This is the most personal story I have ever written online; OCD and anxiety is something I have been struggling with for years now. Although mental health can be isolating, however, the number of people who reached out to me after writing this article was overwhelming.